Our hope is that when you’re here, regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, you see our love for Christ saturating everything we do.


Biblically Based

We strive to give ultimate authority to the Bible, in its entirety, and submit to what it says regardless of our personal opinion or bent.

Community Focused

We strive to make such a positive impact in our community that if we were to close our doors people would notice and feel our absence.

Mission Minded

We strive to support domestic & international world missionaries financially, reach out to our neighbors in tangible ways and serve the world through short term mission trips.

Healthy People

We strive to create an environment where we are more in love with Jesus than our personal preferences.

Jesus came to bring good news (The Gospel) to a fallen world.

Here’s a simple definition of the Gospel.

All human beings are created to be with God, and are intended to worship Him with their lives. Inevitably, though, everyone has missed this goal, and because of that, we hurt and destroy our own lives and the lives of others around us. The ultimate result of our failures is death and separation from God.

God provided a solution to our problem by sending His son, Jesus, to sacrifice his life to bring us back into God’s family. God is so committed to the humans He made that He reaches out to us, because He knows we can’t undo the effects of our failings on our own.

God asks only that we believe that He is real and good, proclaim that Jesus is His son who suffered and died in our place, and ask that He would forgive us for running away from Him. He knows we can’t be perfect, so He doesn’t ask us to fix our behavior before He’ll love us, only that we are living and walking with Him.

He doesn’t wait for us to be perfect. He welcomes us with open arms when we turn to him. It’s never too late to come home.

It’s never too late to come home.


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